And I am back!

A year ago, I deleted my blog posts from 2009 and the rest of everything probably because I wasn’t brave enough to look back and reminisce the past.  I may be a coward in doing so but who cares anyway? only few knows that I exist on this part of the web anyway.

Months after, I realized that I have done the right thing because it’s time to start with a clean slate, with new memories that would hopefully heal my broken soul. Yes I am broken and I am not ashamed because my scars are reminders that I have done a good job and had a good fight.

I may be marked with injuries for the rest of my life but I will always be that stalwart who tumbled but still crawling at the end of each battle.

This is not the end but rather this is just the beginning.

Just another Sunset

Excerpt from The Little Prince:
One day, you said to me, “I saw the sunset forty-four times!”
And a little later you added: “You know– one loves the sunset, when one is so sad…”
“Were you so sad, then?” I asked, “on the day of the forty-four sunsets?”
But the little prince made no reply.